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* Columbia University in the City of New York certificate
Columbia University in the City of New York referred to as Columbia University, is a located in the United States, New York City's upper west side of the world famous research universities in 1754, according to Britain's king George ii of the king's charter and established, belong to one of the eight private ivy league of private, is made up of three undergraduate college and graduate school of thirteen. Columbia University is the oldest university in New York state, is also one of the longest five universities in American history. According to official statistics at Columbia University, Columbia alumni and staff who won the Nobel Prize for a total of 82 people. Three, including President Obama, the President of the United States from the school. Famous alumni include five founding fathers in the United States, the nine Supreme Court justice, more than two dozen of billionaire, 29 an Oscar award winner, 29 governors, 34 heads of state, 45 an Olympic champion, etc.

Columbia University's medical, law, business, international and public affairs, such as journalism are among the best in the world. The issued by the school of journalism Pulitzer prize is the highest honor of the press in the United States. Since the 20th century, the Columbia University has long been recognized as one of America's top institutions of higher education. The school's academic atmosphere, is evaluated many times the academic pressure is one of the heaviest university; But due to the unique geographical advantages, Columbia University is one of the most popular universities in America. In the latest U.S. News and world report 2016 (US News) issued by the university rankings, Columbia high on the fourth.

Belong to private ivy league schools at Columbia University, is made up of three and thirteen graduate school undergraduate colleges. Professor existing more than three thousand people, with over twenty thousand students, alumni, 250000 people in over 150 countries around the world. Budget of about $2 billion a year, school library collection of 8.7 million books. Columbia college is the first to a liberal education undergraduate, still maintained the most rigorous core curriculum in American universities. The graduate school is famous for outstanding academic achievement. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, buy real degree, Accredited Life Experience Degree, buy advanced diploma, make a diploma degree, fake degree online buy USA degree, Acquire a Degree Online, buy diploma degree, get a certificate degree, Better-quality fake degree buy UK degree, Get a College Degree, buy original diploma, best diploma degree online, BEST Fake degree buy AUS degree, Get a University Degree, buy accredited diploma, latest fake degree buy CAD degree, buy real university degree, buy reliable diploma, fake diploma degreeColumbia University and Harvard University and the university of Chicago, is recognized as higher education in the United States with the big three, although slightly underdogs in the competition in the university, but it is still in most of the top ranked within the first four to ten. In addition, the school of journalism school, education institute, the international school of public affairs, medical school, law school, art institute of business and are leading the way. The issued by the school of journalism Pulitzer prize is the highest honor of American literature and journalism.

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