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* Standford University degrees, Standford University diploma
Stanford University, the full name of interest, a Stanford University, Stanford University or the target, usually referred to as directly at Stanford University, located in the United States, Stanford, California, is a famous in the world's leading private research universities. The university campus is located in Palo Alto, California (Palo Alto), near San Francisco, covers an area of 35 square kilometers, is the second largest university in the United States, and Harvard University as the things on both sides of the academic hub.

The school has trained many leaders and entrepreneurial talents of high-tech products, including HP, Google, yahoo, Nike, logitech, tesla motors, Firefox, ea, sun Microsystems, NVIDIA, cisco, the founder of the silicon graphics and companies such as eBay, alumni covers 30 wealthy entrepreneurs and 17 space, to cultivate the most members of congress also one of the colleges and universities; Stanford alumni started so many famous companies, a total of 58 Nobel laureate now or in the school study or work. Inventory according to the Forbes 2010 billionaire most university, Stanford university ranked second, billionaire quantity up to 28, second only to Harvard University, the top 10 Nobel Prize winners are one of the famous universities in the world.

At Stanford university, an area of 8180 acres (8180 hectares) of the campus is located in the San Francisco peninsula.The Santa Clara valley (silicon valley) in the northwest, southeast of San Francisco center side about 37 miles (60 km) north of SAN jose and cc about 20 miles (32 kilometers).Even close to palo alto, and sand hill road by Stanford street space.In addition to the main campus, university assets also in some other peripheral locations.

Santa Clara university is located in the organizational system region headquarters for the census designated area. However, some universities assets (including Stanford shopping center and Stanford research park) in palo alto. In addition, with the establishment OuDeSheng mateo county (this includes the SLAC national accelerator and jasper hill, reserve), in menlo park, woodside and wave tora valley land at Stanford university for most of the places.University of the United States the post office to give two zip code: 94305 (for campus mail) and 94309 (p.o. box). University affiliated 650 coding region. Stanford has received in September 2011 travel + leisure magazine as one of the most beautiful university environment, domestic and MSN listed as one of the most beautiful of the world's university.

Physicist Werner Heisenberg was asked whether clear of Stanford university, the geographical position. He replied: "I know it's in the west coast of the United States, is not far from San Francisco. There is a university near, they grab each other" axe "."The last sentence in fact refers to the sports honor of Berkeley and Stanford (each year on the winning side shall have the right to hold "Stanford axe" trophy).

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