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* Cornell University bachelor degree, buy a master degree
Cornell University is by entrepreneurs Ezra Cornell and scholar Andrew white, two people hand in hand cooperation founded a unique University, it was founded in 1865 (governor signed charter). Its first President had white study in France and Germany, as the most rich and revolutionary, a professor at the university of Michigan, in 1864 was elected to the New York senator and former senate education committee chairman, at Cornell in the same senate agriculture committee chairman. Cornell is a rely on their own industrious technology entrepreneurs and farmers to get rich, biggest owners of western union company stock. Morel bill has passed at that time, New York state legislature is considering to establish a proper a&m college. So white convince Cornell (a total of $500000 and campus fields) and even the land grant funds set up the new university. At Cornell university, dual nature of both public and private right from the start, has the characteristics of "public-private partnership", in which 13 learned the courts, private donations to establish 9, state funding to build 4 (institute of agricultural and biological, human environment institute and school of industrial and labor relations is public colleges), which is unique in the United States.

Cornell university was established in 1865, its school motto originated from the founder Ezra?Cornell a letter addressed to the first President, one of the sentence is: "I in order to found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study". That "I want to build a university to make all the people can learn anything he wanted to learn discipline." Since then this sentence is the school motto of Cornell university. Cornell University diploma, Cornell University certificate, Cornell University degree, degrees, transcript, fake diploma, fake degree, fake certificate, fake Cornell University transcript, buy Cornell University degree, make Cornell University diploma, make Cornell University degree, Acquire Cornell University Diploma, buy Cornell University certificate, make Cornell University certificate, buy Cornell University transcript, make Cornell University transcript, buy fake Cornell University diploma, buy fake degree, make fake diploma, make fake degree, buy fake certificate, make fake certificate, buy fake transcript, make fake transcript, buy a fake diploma, buy a fake degree, make a fake diploma,Cornell school motto is a bit like Confucius: "no child left behind, according to their aptitude." Tell from the concept of education, it embodies the anyone has the right to education equality spirit, tell from the teaching method, it reflects the interest according to the characteristics of students and to guide the work attitude, this is the essence of Cornell university school motto and the school for Cornell.

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