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Teaching and research are closely related to the University of Canterbury, and reflexes. Its research program plays an important proportion of national research funds. It adhere to the principle that: university education aimed at improving the ability of independent and critical thinking on the knowledge of people. At the same time, it is the age-old traditions with modern College together. These colleges include: arts, business, engineering, law, music and art, science and forestry. Under the Institute and has 39 lines. Canterbury University academic research is the academic life of the main content. The University has a large number of research sites and scientists, has five experimental stations, including Mount John University Observatory. how to make University of Canterbury degree, buy fake University of Canterbury diploma, Acquire University of Canterbury Diploma from New Zealand, The University has a wood technology, biology, mathematics, health, Pacific Studies, research centers factory accident management included. The school library has a collection Macmillan Brown publishes books on all aspects of New Zealand and the Pacific, New Zealand Pacific Island Affairs study data most substantial research center. The students set up special services include student and recreation centers, facilities, including a stadium, sports hall, circus training equipment, sports and martial arts and other scientific experiments.
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